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Let’s turn up the pressure on the Santa Ana Regional Water Board and Governor Newsom to do the right thing.
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Why pay $4 for water when you can pay $1? The proposed Poseidon Huntington Beach desal project would cost almost 4X as much as the current water supplies it proposes to replace. #NoPoseidon. It’s a bad deal for California. https://youtu.be/0queKd1T7rQ

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The Poseidon desal project in Huntington Beach will raise water rates, worsen climate change, and kill ocean life. The Governor’s role in pushing the project is a little fishy. Join me in sending Governor @GavinNewsom a letter to say #NoPoseidon! https://youtu.be/4x6SjiXPUxI

Our cherished beaches and coasts are at a crossroads. Will @CAGovernor @GavinNewsom choose a Coastal Commissioner who protects our coast, or will he choose one who’s willing to sell it off to the highest bidder? https://youtu.be/D6Or6jHe61o

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Poseidon and OCWD want us to believe that the proposed Huntington Beach desalination plant is our solution for reliable, drought-proof water. At what expense? And who gains? #NoPoseidon! Learn the facts at https://bit.ly/3uNoQWO.

The proposed Poseidon Huntington Beach Desalination project is expensive, unnecessary, deadly to ocean life, and will worsen the effects of climate change. Join me in sending Governor @GavinNewsom a letter to say #NoPoseidon! https://bit.ly/3sh7nnK

It’s Tax Day! Our tax dollars should be used for projects that benefit the public. Poseidon is fishing for almost $2B in public money on a project that will raise profits for its shareholders, while raising water costs for local residents. Learn the facts at https://bit.ly/3uNoQWO.

Orange County families shouldn’t have to pay for expensive water that they don’t even need. Santa Ana @CaWaterBoards must put public interest above corporate profits. No permits for @HBCityBeach #desalination #No Poseidon #FueraPoseidon https://bit.ly/3uNoQWO


Poseidon’s $1.4B #desalination plant would pollute our @HBCityBeach beaches with toxic wastewater and up to 13,000 gallons of oil and grease. That’s like an entire #oilspill a day! Tell the Santa Ana @CaWaterBoards to vote #NoPoseidon on April 23 in, we say #NoPoseidon #FueraPoseidon https://bit.ly/3uNoQWO.

Gavin Newsom hasn’t kept his promises to the environmental justice community and can’t even stick to the script of his own Water Resilience Portfolio. Water should be clean and affordable for all. Tell @GavinNewsom to say #NoPoseidon. https://bit.ly/3sh7nnK

It’s not too late for Orange County to avoid San Diego’s costly mistake. San Diego has one of the “most severe” water problems in the country, thanks to skyrocketing rates after Carlsbad #desal plant went online in 2015. #NoPoseidon! https://bit.ly/3a5lmGX

Why build a massive, expensive, fossil-fuel-burning desal plant if the water isn’t even needed? Poseidon’s Carlsbad #desal plant can’t deliver and rates are skyrocketing. Why should we trust them to do any better in Orange County? #NoPoseidon!

Poseidon’s Huntington Beach #desalination plant isn’t needed. Water sales in SoCal are going down, even during drought! Water #conservation, recycling, #stormwater capture are cheaper and better solutions. #NoPoseidon!

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21st century water solutions are cost effective, energy efficient and climate resilient, @CAgovernor @gavinnewsom. Poseidon desal is none of these things. #ClimateLeadersDontDesal

Which would you rather pay for: A) $777 for same clean, reliable water you have, or B) $2800 for polluting, sea-life killing desalinated water? The choice is clear. Don’t get fooled by Poseidon. Learn the facts at https://bit.ly/3uNoQWO.  #NoPoseidon

¿Sabías que…?  #FueraPoseidon #HumanRightToWater