by: Lucila Garcia
Posted: November 3, 2021




Orange County Coastkeeper of the Stop Poseidon Coalition hosted a beach-side action on Halloween, Oct. 31st., in coordination with Azul and the Orange County Desal Coalition to call attention to the public health, social justice and marine life consequences of the proposed Brookfield-Poseidon Huntington Beach Desalination Plant. For more than two decades, Brookfield-Poseidon has inched closer to executing its plans to convert seawater, a publicly owned resource, into a privatized water supply and long term income stream. It also includes reliance on more than $2 billion in public subsidies and low-cost loans that will shift significant long-term risks onto the public, especially low-income in the region. Economics aside, the proposed plan be harmful for the environment, exacerbating climate change.
In early 2022, the California Coastal Commission is expected to consider a key permit to advance the project. However, Poseidonis refusing to pay the permit fee required for review – unless and until the Commission provides them, in advance, with a recommendation of approval. Photo:Stop Poseidon

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